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Instructors: Yuka Takemon and Bruno Grande
When: October 22-23, 2019, 9-5pm
Where: Diamond Lecture Theatre
Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/y4y9zprh, a $20 cash deposit to Yuka (ytakemon@bcgsc.ca) or Bruno (bgrande@bcgsc.ca) is required to secure your spot!
BYOD: Bring your own device (laptop)
No prior programming knowledge necessary!

More Information:
GrasPods is offering a 2-day R for Reproducible Research workshop hosted by Carpentries
Who is this workshop for?

R for Reproducible Research is geared towards trainees and staff at BC Cancer who are interested in making their transition from wet lab into dry lab research, creating publication quality graphics, and transitioning away from excel and perform reproducible analyses. No previous knowledge and experience in programming is necessary.

What will you learn?

Unlike traditional lecture-based classes, the instructors will be live coding at a pace comfortable for the participants. We will introduce basic terminologies, best practices for data cleaning and organizing, and data structures. Together, we will put the skills we learn in the two days creating various publication quality plots!

Outcomes from this workshop

After the two days, we want participants to walk away from this workshop with enough basic knowledge and skills to move away from excel-based analyses and into R-based, reproducible analyses. We hope that this workshop will provide a basis for participants to become more independent in learning to code in R.

How to Sign up:
We will have a maximum capacity of 30 participants, with a $20 deposit to Yuka (ytakemon@bcgsc.ca) or Bruno (bgrande@bcgsc.ca) is required to secure your spot. The deposit will be returned in full on the day of the workshop. Register at: https://tinyurl.com/y4y9zprh

IDT seminar series: Genome editing with CRISPR

Date: Oct 24th, Session 1 10:30-11:30am, Session 2 11:30-12:30pm, Social 12:30-1:30pm
Location: Seminars are in the Diamond Family Theatre, social is in the main-floor lunchroom
Event Summary: This event includes two sessions presented by Adam Chernick (PhD) from IDT. You are welcome to sign up for one or both sessions.

Session 1- Expanding the CRISPR toolbox: Recent advancements in genome editing.
This session will cover the applications of CRISPR-Cas9, options for Cas9 nucleases and the shortcomings of wild-type Cas9.

Session 2- Methods for assessing editing of CRISPR genome editing experiments.
The second session will cover methods of assessing CRISPR editing (i.e. qPCR, sequencing).

Resources from Past Workshops

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R Workshops 2019

March 26 - Single Cell Analysis: Using R and Bioconductor to assign cell types to single-cell RNA-seq data (Kieran Campbell)

Feb. 21 - Statistical Analysis: calculating and plotting summary statistics from your data (Jasleen Grewal)