Women in STEM

Step_11: Punk-Rock Scientist

  • Distinguished Scientist, UC Berkeley

Mina may not look it, but she embodies the spirit of Punk Rock. A fiery get-it-done attitude, perseverance and an honesty. Mina is a world-renowned biologist, championing the field of tumor micro-environment and we were lucky to have her join us and share her experience about a life in the sciences. Definitely a must-listen to interview.

Mina Bissell's website (and bio)

TED Talk on Tumour Microenvironment


Step_06: A Natural Competence for Open Access

  • Principal Investigator
  • Blogger

Secrecy is ingrained in scientific research and it’s driven by competition for coveted research grants and space in high impact journals.  But, does this actually lead to better research?

Here, we talk to Professor Rosie Redfield about her belief that science is done best when everybody has access.  You’ll hear all about her open science blog where she posts her research as she’s doing it and how this blog propelled her into the scientific spotlight.

Rosie's Blog