Step_09: Dr^2

  • Senior Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory
  • Associate Professor, UBC
  • Director of Hematopathology, BCCA

Andy is a Senior Scientist at the Terry Fox Laboratory by day and clinical Director of Hematopathology by night... he is, Doctor Doctor (MD/PhD). Andy has dedicated his life to medicine and science while maintaining sanity and family. We talk about how he choose to come to Vancouver and what's love got to do with it. It's an honest and insightful interview, a must-listen for those dreaming of a career in academia.

Step_03: Skin Stem Cell's M.V.Professor

  • Principal Investigator

Elaine Fuchs is ahead of the curve in skin stem cell biology. She's a professor at Rockefeller University, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and a role model for strong women in science. So how did a young girl from outside Chicago go from digging up trilobites and catching butterflies to a world-renowned scientist? Well it wasn't easy, but as you'll hear, it wasn't all that hard either.

The scientific philosophy of Strong Inference, or better yet the paper itself.