Step_10: The Middlewoman

  • Business Developer, Mitacs
  • Business Developer, UBC Research Office

Still deciding between academia and industry? In a way, Sherry's chosen both. Hear about how she facilitates collaborations between academia and industry, and learn about the ways you can acquire some cool new science skills. 

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Step_08: Bringing the Law to Science

  • Patent Lawyer

Father. Lawyer. Scientist. Mark is a phenomenal guy. Come hear about his journey from researching transposable elements and overcoming the challenges of graduate school; to lawyering himself up and empowering other scientists to develop meaningful intellectual property from their research. We talk about making the difficult decision of going back to school post-PhD and how that can be exactly the right decision.

Step_07: Life, Love and A Career in Biotech

  • Vice President

From growing up milking cows in the Canadian prairies to Vice President of D-Mark Biosciences, Jeff Seitz shares his story and experiences with us. Hear what motivated Jeff to pursue a career in biotechnology, the lessons he's learned along the way and advice to young scientists struggling with the decision between academia and industry.

D-Mark Biosciences

Step_01: Getting the Gig at STEMCELL

  • Scientific Marketing Specialist
  • Scientific Communications & Publishing Coordinator

"What comes next?" Amanda and Andrew both recent grads, found themselves faced with this question. In this episode we'll hear about their experiences of navigating the job market, making good first impressions and landing the job. Both now work at STEMCELL technologies in science communication.

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