Step_11: Punk-Rock Scientist

  • Distinguished Scientist, UC Berkeley

Mina may not look it, but she embodies the spirit of Punk Rock. A fiery get-it-done attitude, perseverance and an honesty. Mina is a world-renowned biologist, championing the field of tumor micro-environment and we were lucky to have her join us and share her experience about a life in the sciences. Definitely a must-listen to interview.

Mina Bissell's website (and bio)

TED Talk on Tumour Microenvironment


Step_05: Executive Scientist

  • Vice President Strategic Relations
  • Vice President Research

"Do the right thing, for the right reason." The Sam Abraham philosophy.

We often view science as amoral and objective, but like any human institution that's not true. What we accomplish with science depends on how scientists apply their findings to the context of our society. In this interview we speak with Sam Abraham, Vice President of Research and Vice President of Strategic Relations for the BC Cancer Agency. We discuss how findings go from the lab to the bedside, the institutional hurtles along the way and how to overcome them.

Migration of humans: Paris 1919

The Race to Patent SARS

BCCA Principals for Commercialization

Biology as Ideology - Richard Lewontin [ Lecture ]

Step_02: Adventure in the Start-up w/ Philip Beer

  • Director of Medical Genomics

Physician turn scientist Philip Beer sits down with me to discuss his post-post-doc. Philip is a fantastic scientist whom I respect and he gave an honest account of finding his way. Today Philip is the Director of Medical Genomics for the start-up company 14M Genomics based out of Cambridge, UK. Hear his account of what it's like to be there at the birth of a company, the importance of teamwork between biologists and bioinformaticians and share in the adventurous spirit of entrepreneurship.

14M Genomics Website
The Microsoft Interview