Step_12: Scientist → Journalist
  • Science Journalist

Lesley is an established freelance science journalist who has an impressive portfolio, with pieces published in outlets such as BBC Earth, New Scientist, and Nature. But she completed both a PhD and Postdoc before she made the plunge into writing.  In this episode you'll hear how Lesley gained the skills to make that transition and how the freelance process works, from the story pitch to the publish.

Lesley's top 3 favourite articles that she's published:

City cycling: health versus hazard

How extreme fear shapes what we remember

Why some male bats have spiny penises

Step_08: Bringing the Law to Science

  • Patent Lawyer

Father. Lawyer. Scientist. Mark is a phenomenal guy. Come hear about his journey from researching transposable elements and overcoming the challenges of graduate school; to lawyering himself up and empowering other scientists to develop meaningful intellectual property from their research. We talk about making the difficult decision of going back to school post-PhD and how that can be exactly the right decision.