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Speaker Bios

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Dr. Grace Zheng, 10X Genomics

Dissecting Complex Systems with Multidimensional Single Cell Data

Tissues are comprised of a complex collection of cell types, each type specialized to its functional role. Understanding this inherent functional complexity often requires technologies that measure properties of single cells, rather than of the system as a whole. At 10x, we have developed a suite of single cell solutions to study complex systems at unprecedented resolution. In this talk, I will focus on 3 stories: single cell chromatin landscapes of human immune cell development and intratumoral T cell exhaustion; single cell T cell receptor and antigen interactions; and the development of a spatial transcriptomic platform.

Dr. John Stingl, STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Organoids for the study of normal and malignant tissues

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Organoids are stem cell-derived structures that are generated in three-dimensional tissue culture. Organoids are unique since they exhibit an advanced degree of self-organization and differentiation, and thus recapitulate many of the features of the tissues from which they are derived. Because of their similarity to their in vivo counterparts, organoids are emerging as the preferred model system for studying tissue development, homoeostasis, and diseased states in vitro. Evidence is also emerging that tumour-derived organoids retain similar genotypic mutational profiles, phenotypic properties, and drug sensitivities of their parental tumours, and because of this, they hold great promise as an important tool in basic cancer research and in personalized medicine. The current talk will review the evolution of organoids, their role in basic cancer research, their emerging role in the clinic, and the challenges facing the organoid field going forward.


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